Thursday, 4 June 2015

Whats happenin.

My blogging scheduled is non existent, figured id post something, because, why not...

Been playing Eurotruck Simulator of late, Saw a post on reddit about its multiplayer mod and gave it a go, How had I not seen it before?? Amazingly fun, great community, the truckers on ETS MP take it very seriously :P Might stream some next week if you follow me on Twitch  

Been playing cities Skylines on and off, finally got round to making a youtube video, which I should have up later this evening. Cities recently got an update adding European style buildings and Tunnels, something the Community have been asking for for a while, nice of the Developers to put it in so fast, really looking forward to future updates as its the best City sim we have had in, 5 ish years, after the disaster that was Sim city V. 

Replaying GTAV on PC, I think I have almost completed it again, I am setting up the Union depository mission at the moment pretty sure thats almost the end of the game. Really not impressed with GTA Vs multiplayer its fun for a while, but I just don't have any desire to play it. 

Read that there was a performance update for train fever, the Developers of that game have been pretty poor at engaging with the community, not posting anything on there own forums or websites in weeks. I might try it out to see if the update has made it any better, the game is good, its just plagued with these performance issues. 

We have followed many discussions about the future of Train Fever. Some players even suspected that Train Fever is dead and won’t be improved anymore. Let us clarify here that there will be additional game updates for sure. However let us also state that a part of our resources is needed for planning and preparing the future of Urban Games.
Quote from Urban games the developers.

It really sounds to me like they are not going to be releasing much more for the game, maybe it did not sell as much as they had hoped, which is a shame there have been few transport sims I have enjoyed since Transport tycoon / Openttd.

Thanks for reading I Will try and blog more