Friday, 6 February 2015

pretty good week,

Been playing alot of PS2 this week, will defo be putting a video up tomorrow of some fun I had playing solo as an infiltrator today. Been twitch streaming a bit too if you wanted to see some of that make sure you give gobbybobby a follow on twitch, Still enjoying PS alot, if you play yourself be sure to add me on steam or join KEQ @

SOE no longer SOE
The news that Sony Online Entertainment is to be bought out and renamed daybreak game company came as a shock this week, the acquisition by an investment management firm raises questions about the future of Planetside and the other SOE titles, are these guys just in it for the money, to get fast returns for the investors, potential ruining the games my making them pay to win to squeeze the cash out of us players? Or could more money be pumped in to make the services better, we will have to wait and see.
Full story:

Goo Away
I suck at grey goo, like really bad, most Mp matches I jump into are game over within 10 mins, the strategy seems to be rish your opponent, and I just can't seem to be able to build up enough units to be the first to attack or defend against the inevitable early unit rush, I thought ranked mode would put me against players of a similar ranking, but sadly it does not! I seem to go against players who have been playing for weeks and rush me down within 5 mins of the game starting. I Will have to practise more, watch some strategy videos, but hey maybe the RTS genre is not for me., at least in the MP scene.

EU... fail
During my third episode of my latest EU4 campaign I messed up, messed up big, and I am going to start again,  I made a few wrong calls going to war with a country I was not ready to fight got into massive debt, and while I could carry on I want to expand quickly, and have decided to start again will post a video about that in the coming days,

Still playing hearthstone, almost daily, at least to jump on and get the daily challenges, sometimes I do a quick arena run, managed to get 7 wins earlier in the week, going to always be recording now so If I get an interesting game or really good arena run I will be sure to share it.