Tuesday, 10 June 2014

E3 day 01,

After many hours of conference, E3 has been rather laid back this year, with no shock announcements. I was sort of expecting Sony to be more on the VR stuff, but they didn't do much more than mention it. PS Now was also mentioned, but didn't go much into this either. Microsoft focused entirely on Games showing off a new Forza, a new Halo. Obviously Microsoft kicked off with a New COD. Yawn, and went on to go on about how the Xbox was getting the DLC first ETC, I wonder how much Microsoft pays for that!

New game Evolve, which is from X Left 4 dead devs, and it kinda looked a little bit like Left 4 Dead versus mode, just with the monster being a single player and much bigger and more powerful, could be an interesting one. The New Assassins creed was shown, my big beef with this one is its set in France during the French revolution yet everyone speaks English, I would prefer they spoke French with English subtitles, make it feel a bit more real.

Sunset Overdrive. its colorful, and looks obnoxious to me! IMO it looked like a game aimed at 13 year olds, defo getting a miss from me. A new Fable game was shown which included Co op gameplay, its been a single player game I believe up till now, another cool twist is someone in your party could be a bad guy who is pulling strings, and sending enemy at you. Sneaky, a cool twist, be interesting see how that works.

A big one from Microsoft was the Halo Master collection, which includes Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4, although only 1 and 2 are remastered. Poor old Halo 3 might be looking a little old compared to the first 2 heh! All the MP maps are included, and will be running in there original engines, so they play and feel the same as the original. Over 100 MP maps will be at your leisure, you know this sort of thing makes me want to buy an Xbox one, but, no... not going to do it. heh! Theres a new Halo game too, couldn't care less about the new Halo game, I thought 4 sucked!

Both Microsoft and Sony made sure Indies where in there shows, and rightly so, Sony have sort of been seen to be supporting Indie devs with a very open platform approach, compared to microsoft where we still hear storys of indie devs being forced to make there games Xbox exclusive if they want to publish on the console, whether true is another story.

A new Laura croft game was teased in an odd way at the MS conference, with a young Laura talking to a psychiatrist. Then she runs through the jungle, jumps down a ravine, and then head shots some guy in the head with her iconic bow, heh. Scale bound, a new IP from Platinum Games was a surprise, revealing an XBone exclusive, Dragon sort of killing game, didn't like the look of it if I am honest, maybe future trailers will win me around, Its Xbox one exclusive anyway so, Pff.

EAs big announcement was obviously a sort of Battlefield Spin off, cops vs robbers style game in which 1 team has to rob a bank and escape the cops. Built in the Battlefield Engine, it likely looks and plays like a Battlefield game, obviously we had the iconic destructible environments with a giant crane falling, taking some skyscraper down with it. EA in there conference also announced the Battlefield Hardline Beta started today (well yesterday now) the surge of people going on PSN briefly caused the entire PSN to crash. I applied from PC beta, didn't get in, I believe it was favoring people who own BF3 and BF4 I own neither. so. pff.

Rainbow Six Siege, which was shown as a team based, good guys vs bad guys style of game. The good guys have to secure and rescue a Hostage from the bad guys within a time limit, the Bad guys can barricade doors and windows, where as the good guys can use a whole host of different routes to break into the house/ building to secure the victim and kill the bad guys. There are small drones that can be used to scout out the building before entering, see which doors are barricaded and where the hostage is being held. Looked very very cool.

Sonys conference showed off many games too, but they did a bad and focused a bit too much on TV announcing also a ratchet and Clank movie. The Teamspeak server I was in chatting about this event in was basically just 15 mins of, "nobody cares, nobody cares, fuck off get back to games" A Far Cry 4 trailer was shown, throughout I was saying, this is Just Cause 2! You will see what I mean if you give it a watch. 

No mans Sky, the Indie game that looks incredible.


Made this post too long already. Also worth checking out is the new Batman trailer, and if your an Uncharted fan, they teased a very short new Uncharted trailer to finish off the Conference. Roll on Nintendo.