Wednesday, 19 November 2014

so the blogs?

Haven't blogged in months, which is awfully bad of me, not uploaded to youtube in months either, looking to change that over the short term, looking at building a dedicated capture rig so I don;t have to deal with the bad frame rates when software recording, gonna be costly, likely won't do it till after the new year, but should allow me to put up alot more content alot more often. Looking at continuing my PS2 series, some good changed to PS2 have come about recently, especially on the performance side, I am finding SOE have finally optimized the game its actually running at 60 frames even with the gfx settings set to high, previously I struggled to run the game in low/medium, I have made no hardware changes, so GG SOE you have finally got it right only took a year!

Youtube is 60 FPS now, and I want to ensure all my content is 60FPS ready, to do this I have to invest in some better hardware, and my way of doing this is with a dedicated streaming/ capturing box, another bonus to doing it this way is I can still use my other computer while I am rendering video as well.

Games I wanna stream include Train fever, I been playing a bit of that and at launch it had some serious performance issues so bad it was unplayable even before trying to record it, I have not checked it out recently reading patch notes theres been performance overhauls, so I might start a series before I get my new set up, we will see just how much better it is! Without the performance issues its a great game, and I would love to show it off, unfortunately said performance hitches are gamebreaking.

I am not going to pretend to have the best computer in the world, my current specs are AMD 6300 clocked at 4.0ghz, I will likely overclock this a bit more I currently peak at 70c in prime 95 so there a bit of room to prehapse go up to 4.3~, got an R9270x with a slight overclock, and 8gigs of ddr3 ram, its not amazingly powerful but at the same time it should run most games on medium/ high with a solid framerate, when I can't run a game well, its usually due to poor optimization. I looked at upgrading as I build this capture box prehapse swap out processor, If I do I will prob go with something like a FX 9370, however I read it runs really hot and needs some beefy cooling which just adds £60 to whats already a £160 processor at todays prices, will just have to see how xmas goes, id likely end up bottlenecked by my GPU anyway, a more sensible choice would be a 8320 for the capture rig and just keep my existing 6300 in my main gaming rig.

See how things go between now and jan, prices might change.