Tuesday, 2 December 2014

So I did it.

I have ordered a second PC, yep its not the cheapest way of doing things, but its the way I want to do things, its all coming from amazon, and unfortunately because of the black Friday/ cyber Monday weekend my amazon prime next day delivery translates to, "it will be delivered by Friday", which is a shame id love to get it all set up today/ tomorrow, oh well.

120gig SSD (one from my current rig)
AMD FX8350 8core, will overclock with cooler master hyper evo fan CPU fan,
Corsair PSU
Corsair case (which is the only item thats coming today :/)
Corsair 8gig (2*4) ram
Corsair 2* 120m Fans
Theres a corsair theme here...

I am replacing the SSD in my current PC with a 512gig one I picked up on an amazon flash deal, should be able install load of games on there. Also ordered a corsair K70 vengeance mechanical keyboard but thats not gonna arrive for a few weeks, as its currently out of stock. So them 60FPS youtube videos are not that far away!