Friday, 5 December 2014

all systems go.

Anyone who knows me personally will know I am not a practical person, never have been, never will be, so something as simple as putting a computer together leaves me battered and bruised, there was lots of swearing, somethings got broken, a few things where improvised, after I broke/ bent/ or otherwise fucked up, but I am all done both my computers are running, both have been stress tested for hours in prime 95, and I have almost finished installing all the software and games I need.

Little disappointed to find that a copy of Windows 8.1 only entitles you to install it on one machine, previous licenses of Windows I have held have entitled me to install it across 2. Windows 8 on the second computer I installed it on is moaning at me because the keys been used :( let's activate windows! Naa let's not...

While installing all this crap ive been checking out Hearthstone in the arena, they have added the new expansion cards, currently there only in arena, but they do give u 1 free arena run if you have no gold stored up. I managed a few good runs with some crazy combos with the new cards, can't wait to be able to craft them/ get them in packs.

Will hopefully be able start making some videos tomorrow, I gotta work tonight which kinda sucks, but should have a few hours to get some stuff done tomorrow if I don't sleep through the day, I gotta work tomorrow too which also sucks, but gotta pay for all this shit somehow right!