Wednesday, 10 December 2014

GvG launches,

Been playing alot of Hearthstone the last few weeks in the gear up to the new expansion, the new cards are really shaking up the meta, which has been stuck in a sort of rut with Hunters and Warlocks dominating, Been having fun with Priest and Druid trying out the new cards. I made a video showcasing some playing around with the cards,

Played around running the Tree of life, (not in this video) which kinda worked at times, if you manage to take control in the late game, but costing 9 mana its was usually a dead card sat in my hand, and too slow to be able to play. If you don't play Hearthstone you have no idea what I am on about,,, Its worth checking out, free, and you can get in on Apple tablets now, with android coming soon... If you start playing message me for my B-Net details.

I am also gonna try and always record the games I am playing in case something cool happens.

Train Fever

I still have the train fever putting 3-4 videos of that out a week, broke even in the game I am playing which is always good, although plan is still to restart on a larger map in 1900 now I can run the game better,

Got loads of overtime at work next week (well from Friday night...) but I hope to be able to get a video out at least every other day.