Tuesday, 13 May 2014

M$, Ubisoft, and Age of Mythology

Xbox 180

Lot of news came out today, starting with M$. Who have U turned on the whole Kinect xbox One requirements. Yep there selling the Xbone without the Kinect now, its going to be around $100 cheaper than the cheapest xbox bundle that comes with it. There are not that many great kinect games, the voice features are great, but there are not that many good games that use it, so its pretty pointless, serving asa $100 microphone! So good news for consumers that want the Xbone.

Also announced was that you will no longer need gold to use apps like Netflix. Hurray, finally microsoft we are getting somewhere! It was a stupid restriction anyway!

Watching dogs.

So watch dogs was original slated as being 1080 60 (I mean 1080p full hd resolution, with a frame rate of 60,) however Ubisoft ninja removed that statement from listings of the PS4 version of the game, shortly after they announce the Xbox one version will be running at 792 30 with the PS4 version running at a slightly higher 900p but still locked at 30 frames. What a load of rubbish, they delayed the game 5 months and still where not able to optimize it to run @ at least 60 frames. A smooth 30 frames is going to look better than an unstable fluctuating frame rate that moved between say 45 and 60.

You know when I am recording PS2, my recording software being Software heavy it actually looks better if I lock PS2 to 30 frames, because if I don't it jump between 30 and 60 which is noticeable to me. But not to you, as youtube is locked at 30 frames anyway so me recording a game at anything higher than 30 is a waste of time. UNLESS I wanna use slow motion, slow motion footage would obviously benefit from a higher frame rate but ive not come across any footage I would want to slow down.

So yea a SOLID 60 frames looks better than a solid 30 frames, but if they were not able to optimize it to run @ 60 then fine lock it to 30, its just a poor show on what has been from its Announcement at E3 a few years back, marketed as the "next gen game" or game that will represent the next gen experience

Welcome to next generation gaming guys, where we still can't get a game running @ 792 60 let alone 1080 60! There where 1080p games coming out on the PS3 at launch... and yet its a STEP DOWN with this new generation, its like WHAT!

And you what, as a PC gamer, this worries me, Its fucking ubisoft who have released notoriously badly optimized games, is it gonna run like shit on my machine. I expect yes, so I think I am going to give it a miss, I am going to wait for launch, read some reviews, see some forums, see if its actually worth buying. PC was lead platform, so it should be well optimized, so I might get it, see I am mixed, its only £25 which is a good price so... I dunno.

On to AOM

So I got my first AOM EE video out, I've not played today unfortunately just the news, editing that 10 min PS video, and some other stuff I have done today didn't get a chance to play any, tommorow my new cooler should be arriving, yea getting a new CPU cooler when royal mail redeliver it so i am prob gonna be configuring that, gonna try and overclock my CPU to a stable level of course but I hope I can get 20-25% maybe more, who knows, I mean its a sort mid spec cooler so I am not expecting magic, but will see what I can do with it. I usually aim to keep the temps below 75c when on max load so will see how high we can clock it will post what I get here no doubt.

here is the AOM video:

And yea today as I said I did a PS2 video!