Wednesday, 7 May 2014

rest of this week and beyond.

Whelp I am going home again this weekend, so no gaming for me, however tomorrow is the launch of AOMEE so will try and get a few matches of that in, get some videos done to put up over the weekend, and hopefully end up back on Monday. I tweet now. Yea as some of you know I had a falling out with my twitter, my old account sending out spam, and twitter support not really doing anything about it, despite me changing passwords, restricting my account so no apps could use it ETC, ive closed my old account and set up a new one under the same name so it should all be good now in theory.

We are just over a month away from E3 which is always exciting, hoping for some big new title releases. Leading up to and during that, even closer is the launch of Watch dogs still not preordered that dunno if I wanna go day one, will see how my finance's are looking closer to launch (and when some reviewers have got there hands on it so we know its not a pile of shit)

Ive set up some automated ifttt recipes. So when I post a blog post here, or Upload a youtube video it will auto tweet it, don't wanna piss my followers off tho, if its annoying let me know! Will prob blog again before weekend.