Saturday, 3 May 2014

wow CCP way to dick people over

Some really horror storys coming from DUST 514 players after CCP announce they are ending support for it, at EVE fanfest an event thats was meant to provide big announcements on fucture development for the game, a game that was meant to last 10+ years,
This fanfest attendee describes the moment when CCP announce they where dropping dust support

CCP have not exactly been pleasing fans after cancelling the World of Darkness MMO, and then killing off a game they promised would get so much, things have really been mishandled. Several ex employees have also given horror story's on working conditions at CCP.

I ended my eve subscription recently, as it takes too much time (and costs too money) to play, I love it don't get me wrong, but its just too consuming for me at the moment, but there new announced PC version of dust which is going by the name of Project legion appears to be dusts replacement.