Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Watching Dogs.

its almost 24 hours since watch dogs (officially) launched, I know some of you where a bit naughty and acquired it one way or the other early, but as we gauge the reaction to the launch from commentators, media, and reviews alike, does watch dogs live up to the hype.

Now I have no played it yet, and from what I have seen I am gonna wait anyway. I love a game that pushes boundaries, where the developers go to great lengths to make a large, open world game, with a twist on the traditional GTA style of game, new and interesting mechanics. But I feel Ubi have sort of shot em selves in the foot with this one. I mean its good, don't get me wrong, some of the twitch streams ive seen, and videos online show some really great MP, with the hack your friend, and find them, the police chase stuff, looks cool would be fun but

graphically, and yes I am talking graphically, its not as good as it was all hyped up to be, there are performance issues PC and console. Considering it was delayed, along with alot of launch titles for the new systems, we have the PS4 and Xbox One, but so many delayed games, and the games that have been released like Battlefield 4 riddled with bugs, poor performance and problems. Hard to believe that with the last generation lasting so long that the games on this generation, run worse than the last and are being delayed, Maybe its just teething issues with the new hardware, getting used to new dev kits, hopefully games will improve as time goes on.,9.html

Planetside 2 on PC, still not very well optimized, it still runs like shit even on top spec machines, sure it gets a bit better with every update, it will be interesting to see how well the PS4 version runs, hopefully it gets the elusive 60 frame rate because in a FPS 60 fps is very important, makes for a better experience, Was MAG 720 60?, I can't remember! 

Total Biscuit mentioned quoted in his v review to say the game looks no better than Sleeping dogs, click text for 1080p image. Although that may be because of the realistic look of the city rather than the colourful look of Hong Kong in SD, If you have not played sleeping dogs btw, make sure you do, very cool game. 

Watchdogs, didn't score as high as GTA V did, 

IGN gave
Watch dogs 8.4
GTA V 10.0

Watchdogs 7.0
GTA V 9.0

Playstation Universe
Watch dogs: Review Pending
GTA V 10.0

Watchdogs 9.0
GTA V 10.

so I am comparing GTA to Watchdogs, I mean afterall its a GTA clone right, well no, its not I mean it holds its own with its original story, the ways you can interact with the world, but its open world shooter, 

but GTA was last gen, watch dogs was this gen, and not quite hit the mark IMO, the review scores are close I mean its above a 6 right now, and won't know the true metacritic rating for a while but I mean reviews are not always everything, just numbers. If you have watch dogs, are you enjoying it? The people I have spoken too have, its just I got board of GTA, and regretted paying full retail for it, I am pretty sure I would get board of Watch dogs too. Will wait for a lower price point.

GTA was good tho, don't get me wrong. Just Last gen let it down, with the low framerate, frame drops, long loading times, and GTA has always had long loading times, and reading some watch dogs reviews apparently long (initial, after boot up) loading times are a feature, I thank ubi for making sure to get that one in, once the game has loaded up its pretty fluid, GTA online was hellish for its loading times, really off putting.

I don't see Watchdogs getting GoTY. But it certainly is not overhyped nonsense, thats too far, its sort of in the middle. 

its like I reviewed watchdogs without even playing it, you can sort of get away with that thanks to twitch, youtube and reading a few good old fashioned reviews.