Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Took the plunge (the very blocky plunge)

Whelp my last few recording sessions where pretty bad and ive not been able to get any videos out, still been gaming, Age of Mythology, Hearthstone, tried to play Planetside 2 yesterday but it was down for maintenance pretty much all day, and then today just not been feeling it. Had a 1 and half hour match of AoM I might edit and put up later in the week, will try edit it down to at least an hour or less.

Bought minecraft, Might have been a mistake as I am likely to get sucked into it. Played a bit, learned the basic mechanics, food, crafting tools, mining ETC and then looked at modding the hell out of it.

Have spent prob 3-4 hours fiddling with mods, getting them to work, tried a few mod packs, and have ended up going with the "custom" Galacticraft pack that the Yogscast have been using in there moonquest video and then I added a few of the good ones from tekkit, like dimensional doors, battletowers, ETC, had fiddle around with item IDs to get it to work, but you can see where this is going right, gonna be doing the minecraft, going to be starting soon, live on twitch because why not!

I have played minecraft only a few hours so I will no doubt suck, do things in horrible ways, make seasoned played cringe I am sure!! That said Ive watched several minecraft play through, people playing a variety of mod packs, and in different ways, and I can see how complicated it gets, 

Now I know everyone and there mother is making minecraft lets plays, my play through is going to be for the sake of playing, Ive got mods that add dimensions, moons, planets, I have plenty of options available, but right now, for the start of the series I wanna build something, fight some mobs, do some battletlowers. I will do what I want. 

I won't be streaming all play through, but am going to try and twitch stream as many games as possible, so if you happen to be idling around the interwebs when I am streaming, follow here.