Friday, 11 April 2014

Bring on the weekend

No gaming for me this weekend sadly, heading home, but fear not have some episodes to upload over the weekend, just finished a Banished episode, that will be up tomorrow, I also have a Brand new series starting on Open ttd (transport tycoon) which will also be going up tomorrow as well. I have already recorded about 5 hrs of Open ttd in advanced so will be uploading 2-3 30 min episodes of this next week, I am playing with a friend, and we pretty much are doing a weekly recording session, also looking at other people jumping in and playing, so if at any time you feel the urge to play TTD, let me know, I will let you know when we are playing, get you in the server!

I am about to start commentating over a PS2 video, and will have a full 60 min video of that up on Sunday, sort of experimenting with how many people would actually be interested in watching me playing PS2 for a full hour mins, after my 10 min play was so widely received instantly becoming my most watched video (just over 30% watched it all the way through according to youtube analytics)

You can watch it here if you have not already.

PAX EAST + Eurogamer

It is of course also PAX east this weekend, and I will try and bring the big story's here on the blog, and also on the KEQ forums as things unfold. I will be writing from my phone tho, so don't expect mega walls of text as I will be summarizing as much as possible. Pax East does not usually have any big announcements, as always they are reserved for E3, but there are announcements, and usually some pretty cool stuff to see,

I am also looking at getting some tickets for the Eurogamer Expo in London this year, that one is in September, usually also pretty good although rarely see any announcements at all, there usually playable demos of stuff, last time I went lot of E3 demos where on show