Monday, 14 April 2014

Whelp Pax east was, boring heh

literally nothing was announced, there where very few games shown off that I was interested in, pretty quiet all round. Having not gone home this weekend, I did sweet nothing, made a few videos, played a few games including Age of Mythology which I had not played in a while, played against a friend, and lost, oh well I must have a rematch. I also purchased FTL (faster than light) after watching TB (Total Biscuit) streaming it on twitch, defo a good game, I will have to check out the mods, maybe put out a few videos on it when I am actually good at playing it heh.

Open TTD video is up, got hours of this to edit and upload + prob gonna be recording some more later in the week, so if transport sims are you thing be sure to check it out!
Also in the Quest to 1.0 KD in planetside

I think I should be there now!!!