Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Worms clans wars

Always been a big worms fan, love it, great little MP game that can be played both locally 4 player (or more) or online, but the most recent installment is so poorly optimized, I paid full retail for it like a chump and while it runs fine on my current system, its still really pushing it with high CPU/ Temp readings, similar to what I get with Planetside 2 which is a really demanding game. On my previous set up I had to run the res right down, while it looks great at a higher resolution on my new system, I can really hear my system working hard, and that's not something I expect from Worms!

Yea been playing worms a bit today with a friend, pretty fun do love it, but I might have made a bad decision on impulse buying the new one when it came out, the story's not that great although I do enjoy the voice actor and humour, but I have got stuck on it, and its very frustrating to play at times puts me off.