Thursday, 10 April 2014

Getting good at Planetside

Recently been hammering in the Planetside hours, my current goal is to break 1.0 KD, which is proving difficult with so many lvl 100s running around now, not that the KD matters, medics, engineers, ETC can make a big impact to the faction even if they are not the best shot, but I like to have at least 1.0 :) It all comes down to experience really, I think it took me almost 500hrs play in another game, MAG to break the 1.0 KD, I think I finished 1.5 when the game was shut down, racking up nearly 2000 hours, I have about 300~ hours into PS, and currently sit on 0.96 so I am almost there! Hopefully if your reading this a few weeks from now it displays over 1.0 on the sig below!

Nailing down the which class works best in which situation is comes down to experience, and I still get the old death streak, or go up against some lvl 100 guy who just will not die!!! Might have something to do with playing US west, 200~ ping.

Right now I appear to be doing better in smaller scale fights, while the massive fights are great, I am still struggling to hold my own in these battles, might have to try getting into vehicles more, something I have just recently started doing, and put some certification points into. The ;larger fights are laggier, they give me a lower frame rate while recording, really has me shying away. I plan on getting an aftermarket cooler for my PC soon, so I can overclock CPU a bit, perhaps squeeze out some extra FPS. Hopefully the PS devs optimize the game a bit more as well, as there are still people on the forums moaning about performance issues when using beastly £1000+ PCs,  Fingers crossed.