Thursday, 24 April 2014

so behind on videos

Whelp recorded 2 Banished videos today, and long story short, was a bad recording gonna have to do it again :/. Need to get an Open TTD episode ready for the weekend, so theres only going to be the 2 Banished episodes this week. Right now have an Age of Mythology Episode rendering so that should be up this evening. I actually win in this one. I have been away most the week, I went away for the weekend and ended up not coming back till yesterday evening, also have a stinking cold can barely talk which does not help when recording commentary's!

What have I been playing??

Well I played banished today but messed up recording so gonna have to revert save and do it again!
Played some AoM today, yes recorded, but unfortunately had some problems! First game there was an Internet disconnect. Second there was a Power cut. Then another power cut... Had a pretty bad afternoon with Intermittent power for a few hours. Then I checked out Hearthstone. Had some fun playing that so will defo record my next play through and get a video on that up.

Tomorrow I will record Banished, get a video ready for Saturday, will try and get a PS2 Video for Sunday, and an Open TTD for tomorrow. I want to do a video on Faster than Light, so if I get some time will get that in!