Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter weekend

Actually going home this weekend, just rendering up last video before I leave, will have 2 banished and 1 Open ttd video to put up over the weekend, no Planetside 2 I am afraid, will try get some more PS2 videos up next week with the new patch out. I was meant to get another AoM video out, but don't have all the files together to do it just yet, so that will have to wait till next week.

talking about the PS2 patch, there the expected crying about nerfs on the PS forums, they bought the 64 bit client out again, only to then take it away after everyone started crashing/ freezing, so for the second time we have been given a taste of the x64 client only to have it taken away, apparently theres a workaround if the 64bit client was working, which involves renaming the .exe before you press play on the launcher (the launcher will auto correct the file when launched so you have to do this every time you play) hardly ideal but if the x64 client was not causing you issue, and did give you some performance boosts then go for it. I would link the forum thread but closed it.

Saw the new Captain America movie yesterday, that was pretty good, worth seeing had some cool and interesting plot twists, I would recommend checking it out if you enjoyed the Avengers, or if you where put off by the first captain Americas whole propaganda America is #1 rubbish, much less of that in this one. With the Western world mostly on holiday over the weekend, not expecting too much in the way of news in the gaming world, so I will prob not post until next week

ave a good weekend!